Dexter is a 12 year old Racer from Bluebell Hill Village in Kent.

He has always wanted to race ever since he was old enough to walk and talk. He started karting at 6 years old in the Bambino class at Buckmore Park, and later became their Bambino kart tester in his own time. He is always prepared to give back to the sport.

In 2021 he took part in the Bayford Meadows championship, finishing 3rd , tied for 2nd on points, but missed out on the runners up spot due to a lower dropped round.

In 2022 he competed in the following championships - Buckmore Park and Bayford Meadows hire kart championships. He also competed in the Brentwood Cadets, Seniors and the Super League. He is the youngest driver to ever compete and win the championship in Seniors and to race in the Super league.

Dexter is now competing in his own Kart in the Buckmore Park and Bayford Meadows championships. He won his initial race which was the final round of the Bayford winter championship, since his debut he has won 14 finals in a row, he has one round of the Bayford championship remaining and if he can win that final that will make him undefeated across 3 tracks in his first season. He has secured both of the Bayford and Buckmore Championships in the process - hopefully the final round gives him his 100% win rate for the season.

Owner Driver Racing

Dexter is now competing in his own Kart “Millie”.

Millie is a Tonykart chassis with a Rotax Evo – MiniMax engine. He is competing against other MiniMax Karts in accordance with Motorsport UK’s rules and guidance.
Millie Millie

Next Season

Dexter will be looking to get his international licence which will enable him to race in the year of his 12th birthday, which is Jan 2024. This will enable him to race in Juniors from then if all goes to plan.

We have signed up with the GMS Kart Racing Team for the 2024 season (and hopefully beyond). We have always had close ties with the team and use their engines.
He will be racing in a CKR kart supplied by GMS. For more information on CKR karts or GMS Engines please visit the GMS website. This is a very exciting chapter for Dexter as he will be facing some of the biggest challenges of his racing career.



Bayford Meadows Monza Class - 3rd

Trophies 2021


Bayford Meadows Monza Class - Champion

Brentwood Seniors - Champion

Buckmore park Pro Juniors - 3rd

Trophies 2022


Bayford Meadows Winter Championship Monza Class - Champion

Soar - Initial Race League - Champion

Bayford Meadows (BMKC) - MiniMax Championship - Champion

Buckmore Park (MVKC) - MiniMax Championship - Champion

Trophies 2023-1 Trophies 2023-2 Trophies 2023-3
Trophies 2023-4 Trophies 2023-5 Trophies 2023-6


Dexter is fortunate to have been noticed by a titan of the British Motorsport.
Ryan Smith is the current and reigning 7 x British Truck Racing Champion.

Dexter has Ryan as a mentor and a driver coach.
Ryan's impact on Dexter as a driver and a person has been significant.

Giving Back

Dexter helps out at SOAR Electric karting academy, showing the Academy students racing lines, talking to them about paths into karting, motivating and helping them get faster.

He also does driver coaching for a number of other drivers at various tracks when requested.

Social Media

Dexter has managed to attract a large amount of followers on social media, this means that sponsors get plenty of exposure. Please feel free to follow both.

Instagram 17.5K Followers (Instagram photos and videos)

Youtube 2.14K Followers

YouTube Gallery



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